Hello! I’m Sarah and I’m a web developer. I work at Automattic. I previously worked at Prospress and joined Automattic as part of an acquisition. I have also taught Mobile Web Development part time at the New Brunswick College of Craft And Design in the Digital Media program

I code HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I work with WordPress and other CMS. I’ve been a web developer professionally for 6+ years and I’ve been coding for 10+ years. If you want to learn more about me, continue browsing this website!

Areas of knowledge:

  • Theme development (WordPress or otherwise)
  • General web development
  • Bug fixing
  • CSS tweaks
  • Site setups (Installing WordPress / Themes / Plugins / Etc)
  • HTML newsletters
  • DomPDF layouts
  • Tutoring
  • Answering coding questions (within my scope of knowledge)

You can find me on GitHub, LinkedIn and Twitter.