I worked for Lookbooks.com developing front end sites for their platform from 2012-2017. I started out doing the HTML and CSS portions of the site build, and would then pass it on to another developer. Quickly I started to get more involved in the PHP and JavaScript side of things, until eventually (After about 2 years) I was doing full site builds on my own and was the main developer for the repository of websites. There are a lot of sites (Last I counted, there were 40 that were live) so I am not going to list them all off.

I did freelance work periodically both during college and while I was working at Lookbooks. I did a couple site setups with child themes (Endeavours and Aduksis) as well as assisted with a site migration from one CMS to WordPress.

As I started to learn more code I started moving more into bug fixes and CSS tweaks. I won’t list them all because I honestly can’t remember them all. After a few years, I started getting more into tutoring and volunteered my services with David Coon MLA (Small tweaks and WordPress tutoring) and The Green Party of New Brunswick (Small tweaks when their site was still on Joomla, and then eventually moving them from Joomla to NationBuilder.)

My most recent freelance projects have been moving Music Runs Through It and The Hypochondriacs from WordPress.com to self hosted WordPress.

I currently work for Automattic, which I joined as part of the Prospress acquisition.
For the 2018/2019 school year I taught one class a semester on Mobile Web Development at the New Brunswick College of Craft And Design in the Digital Media program

I have also done some public speaking:

  • Gave the talk “WooCommerce Troubleshooting Basics” at WordCamp Montreal 2018
  • Gave the talk “You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Your First Born to Make a Child Theme: A WordPress Story” at WordCamp Halifax 2017
  • Gave the talk “Mobile Web Development Best Practices” at Maritime DevCon 2015
  • Co-taught the “Wordpress for Beginners” all day workshop for Ladies Learning Code on February 7th, 2015